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@wild_wombat Feb 23, 00:28

Gift Cards Available Now. Show people how great we and buy them a gift card. Available in lots of $10 from...

@wild_wombat Feb 17, 04:05

Get Root'd. Drink Turmeric. It's back in stock. Order now.

@wild_wombat Jan 02, 07:38

Sometimes a simple meal tastes just a little bit better. #hashbrowns #scrambled-eggs #eggs #wildwombat...

@wild_wombat Jan 02, 07:12

Wild Wombat is back tomorrow from 6:00am. See you all then.....

@wild_wombat Dec 27, 02:18

To all the coffee lovers, addicts, etc.....we will be OPEN tomorrow Wednesday from 7:00am - 10:00am. Hey You will...

@wild_wombat Dec 24, 22:36

From all the staff at Wild Wombat, we'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Take care and see you...

@wild_wombat Dec 14, 23:02

Wild Wombat is OPEN tonight. Selected Ciders from only $3

@wild_wombat Dec 12, 02:12

Try the Christmas Whoopies they are yum..... #wildwombat #melbournecafe #yum #christmasgifts #wildwombatcafe...

@wild_wombat Nov 28, 02:39

Wild Wombat will close 10:00am sharp Tuesday Nov 29. Wild Wombat will also be CLOSED Wed Nov 30. We apologise...

@wild_wombat Oct 14, 23:05

Congratulations to Christie Clarkson and Andy John Candy Alkemade on a wonderful wedding. Thank you for having us...

@wild_wombat Sep 09, 10:42

We are selling our much loved Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatic Espresso Machine which has made great consistent...

@wild_wombat Jul 27, 22:00

It's that time of the year again where once again Wild Wombat Restaurant Cafe together with your help will dig...

@wild_wombat Jul 08, 22:30

Protein balls NOW available. Almond and Chai. Banana and Cinnamon. Get them now. Get the boost you need....Get them quick.

@wild_wombat Jul 07, 22:52

Must try the strawberry doughnuts......

@wild_wombat Jun 19, 23:59

We will be Open for Dinner Friday July 1st. Book NOW 97180011 limited seating.

@wild_wombat Jun 11, 23:41

Zucchini Fritters with tomato, corn, avocado salsa and topped with a poached egg.

@wild_wombat May 26, 02:45

WILD WOMBAT Restaurant Cafe EARNS 2016 TRIPADVISOR CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE Hooray for us.........Thank you to...

@wild_wombat May 24, 00:53

Try the new selection of Whoopie Cookies. Now available.....various flavours.

@wild_wombat May 14, 23:21

Portugese Tarts NOW Available.

@wild_wombat May 13, 02:12

New range of desserts Now available including Portugese Tarts. Get them before they are gone.

@wild_wombat May 05, 09:45

Wild Wombat will be closed Friday May 6 due to numerous Mother's Day events for each of our kids.

Wild Wombat Restaurant

WILD WOMBAT Restaurant Cafe Open 7 Days from 6:00am Mon - Fri (7:00am Sat - Sun). Breakfast and Lunch. Fresh food cooked to order. Custom roasted coffee using premium beans from Cortado Roasters. We use Riverina Milk and Bonsoy as our preferred milk supplier and we have Almond Milk and Coconut Milk from Milk Lab. Award winning desserts from top pastry chefs from around Victoria, GLUTEN FREE meals Available. KIDS Menu available.